When to run to the Doctor

If everyone in America who contracts a food-borne disease each year ran to their doctors’ offices, the medical system (or at least the health insurance industry) would probably collapse. Fortunately the vast majority of sufferers recover within a few days without medical intervention. Many never realize that they even had a food-borne infection.

Certainly anyone at high risk for complications – including the very young, the very old, those with weakened immune systems, pregnant women, and people with liver disease – ought to consult a physician if gastrointestinal symptoms are severe. Occasionally people who don’t fall into a high-risk group can also develop serious complications from a food-borne infection and thus may also benefit from prompt medical attention.

The next time you or a loved one experiences gastroenteritis (nausea with or without vomiting, some degree of abdominal pain, plus diarrhea), ask the following questions. If you answer yes to any of them, or if you are in doubt about how to answer them, you should consult your family physician:

  • Have the symptoms lasted for more than two days?
  • Is there a fever?
  • Is the diarrhea very watery or explosive?
  • Are there signs of dehydration? If enough fluid is lost through diarrhea or vomiting, it can affect the body’s salt balance. Children can become dehydrated more quickly than adults. The main symptoms of dehydration are intense thirst, dry lips and tongue, increased heart and breathing rates, weakness, and dizziness.
  • Is blood mixed in with the stools? Making this determination can be tricky. If the water in the toilet bowl is bloody, but blood is not interspersed throughout the feces, the cause could be hemorrhoids or an anal fissure. Blood laced into the feces indicates that the problem is originating higher up in the intestinal tract and may possibly stem from a food-borne infection. See a doctor if you are not sure. Any time a child has bloody diarrhea seek medical attention immediately and insist on a stool test for E. Coli and other common food-borne pathogens.
  • Is pus or mucus (whitish-gray in color) mixed in with the stools?
  • Have bowel movements been unusual in frequency or consistency for more than two days?
  • Do symptoms include shivers or chills?
  • Has anyone else in your family been sick with similar symptoms?

Don’t let an absence of fever lull you into a false sense of safety if you are experiencing severe GI symptoms. The rare but potentially fatal complication of E. Coli O157:H7, hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS), doesn’t usually generate a high fever, although a low-level fever is quite common.


Metformin Side Effects – Diarrhea

Unfortunately there are often side effects from taking drugs and Metformin can have some negative effects in some people. These adverse effects can include nausea, vomiting, stomach upset, diarrhea, weakness, depression or a metallic taste in the mouth may occur. If any of these effects persist or worsen, tell your doctor immediately.

One of the major Metformin side effects that seems to occur with women when taking it is diarrhea. Evidently diarrhea occurs in just over 52% of people taking the drug. As well 25% of people have nausea and vomiting and around 12% experience gas/flatulence. People have reported that they experienced diarrhea and it isn’t something that goes away after a time of taking the medication but instead is something that they have had to learn to live with on a daily basis. The problem with constant diarrhea is that it can affect other areas of your life and as well your health. It means that you will have to be close to a bathroom at all times and can even stop some people with leading a normal life.

Other Effects:

As well a number of people have reported that they have had more frequent headaches when taking Metformin. Another serious side effect in people who have kidney disorders is that the kidney ends up producing too much lactic acid which can result in lactic acidosis. Symptoms include difficulty breathing, nausea and vomiting as well as abdominal pain. This needs to be treated immediate so as not to damage the kidneys.

Metformin is given to people with who are insulin resistant. This means that they have the inability for their cells to respond to the action of insulin transportation of sugar/glucose from the blood stream to the muscles and tissues. It helps the body to recognize the insulin so that the body can properly deal with sugar and glucose.

Grow Taller 4 Idiots – A Natural, Safe, Effective Way to Get Taller

Choosing the right solution to get taller is not easy. For those short people who will be always considered as a midget although they are in legal midget height,there are many height boosting options, many products, many solutions and ever more opinions. Undoubtedly the best choice is always the informed one. So what is Grow Taller 4 Idiots? Let’s see what it is not.

Grow Taller 4 Idiots is:

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What it is:

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Recipe: Spinach Eggs

I wanted to share another recipe with you.  When I’m not eating my breakfast cookie, green smoothie, or blueberry walnut yogurt for breakfast I’m eating this.  I call it spinach eggs because those are the major components.  Doesn’t it look tasty?  It is!

spinach eggs

Here’s what you need:

Either two (2) whole eggs or one (1) whole egg and 1/3 cup of liquid egg whites
1/4 cup of black beans (optional)
A handful of fresh spinach
Two teaspoons of your favorite salsa
Sprinkle of cheese
Salt and pepper to taste

First I combine the eggs, season with salt and pepper, cook them most of the way; add the salsa, black beans, and spinach.  Once cooked add to cheese on top then enjoy!

Nutrition Basics

How you define nutrition is very important.  What I have recently learned is how important it is to get a filling meal so I am not tempted to snack.  The basics are to eat every three hours or so.  In order to do that you need to eat a meal that is filling but not too calorie rich.  A slow burning protein source is a must but you also need to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables so you are getting proper nutrition.  Does that sound difficult?  Well it is really simple actually.  You should try and eat around 300 calories per meal or snack consisting of at least least one form of produce and one serving of protein.  Some examples are:

An apple with a serving of nuts
Blueberry walnut yogurt
Green smoothie
Spinach salad
Carrots, cucumbers, and hummus

You get the idea.  I usually stick to this way of eating the whole day and it is very filling.  My favorite “to go” snack is apples and walnuts.  For breakfast I make this simple breakfast cookie adapted from a recipe from The Fitnessista.  I make mine with a small mashed banana, dash of cinnamon, a tablespoon of natural peanut butter, and 1/4 cup of oats.  The Fitnessista lets her breakfast cookie sit up all night but I make and eat mine right away.  The oats are not cooked but they do soften from the other ingredients.

I am trying to incorporate a salad with most of our dinners so I can fill up on them instead of starchy foods.  I am in no way perfect with my food choices but I try to eat clean and healthy 90% of the time.

Do you struggle with your food choices during a certain time of the day?  Personally I struggle during the afternoon the most.  It is when I have the most downtime since my boys are napping.

Holiday Party Success Strategies

Last night was my husband’s Christmas party and we had a great time so I thought I would make some suggestions for not going overboard at your holiday parties.  My first suggestion is to eat healthy meals throughout the day prior to the party.  Secondly, drink plenty of water throughout the day especially on the way there.  This is important not only to keep you full but also to keep you hydrated.  Another tip, is to eat healthy appetizers like vegetable sticks if they are served since dinner will most likely be very rich.  Make sure you consider the alcoholic drinks a splurge so you are mindful about how many and which type you are consuming.  If you want desert, have a small one so you satisfy that craving and eat slowly savoring each bite.

If you go with a plan you should be able to stay on track.  But if you happen to overindulge just get up the next morning and start over.  One night is not going to totally derail your efforts as long as you don’t let it.  Happy Holidays!

Do you have any strategies for staying on track at holiday parties? 

Exercise Gives You Energy

Exercise really does give you energy.  Sometimes when I wake up I just don’t feel like moving quickly but that is why my morning walks help get me going daily.  However, the rainy day blues really change things around here.  Yesterday I had so many things to do but I was stuck in front of my laptop because I just could not get motivated.  Finally, after my oldest went down for his nap I got up and did my burpees, planks, and intervals.  After that I was truly energized.  I went on to clean up the house, do some laundry, cook dinner, and go to the gym for my scheduled run.  I felt like I had actually accomplished something.  Proper nutrition and plenty of sleep are also important factors to your energy levels.

Instead of thinking that exercise is going to wear you out for the rest of the day pay attention to the energy you have after you work out.  This principle goes for waiting until New Years to make your resolutions to change.  If you have something you want to change – don’t wait another minute.  Start now!  You will be ahead of the game and will be able to get through the holidays with ease.

Another thing I want to mention is the importance of journaling your food and exercise.  I have really learned a lot about my habits and challenges during the day after reviewing a week of my journal entries.  I highly recommend it!

Consistency is Key

They say that consistency is key and it really is. I have lost 60 pounds since having my second son a year ago but I haven’t been consistent in my efforts until now. I didn’t really start being serious about losing weight until my baby was about three months old and even then my efforts were inconsistent. I was slow to eat healthy and get active after both of my babies. I have come to the conclusion that I was depressed – more severely after my first son. I used breastfeeding as an excuse after my second son. I should have been eating healthier because I was breastfeeding but while I was eating okay I was succumbing to my sweet cravings and blaming it on breastfeeding. It has been almost a month since I stopped breastfeeding and I realize I have no one to blame but ME. I alone pick the foods I consume. I can decide not to overindulge every day even when going out. I started packing snacks for us when we go on outings and it really helps satiate the desire to stop and grab something quick.

Things that I am doing to stay consistent:

Journaling everything I consume daily
Journaling all of my fitness activities and goals for the day
Challenging myself by abstaining from all fast food
Getting back into the Word so I can get my spiritual food – praying daily and reading scripture
Trying to spend more quality time with my amazing husband

I have set new goals. The number on the scale isn’t the important part to me but my goal is to become more tone and fit. I want to do full push-ups instead of assisted, run my first 5K race, eat more plant-based foods, and ultimately I want to become a personal trainer for other moms like me.

What are your goals? When you set goals for yourself how do you measure your success? When you accomplish your goals how do you celebrate?