Hwo to Make Cheese Soup

Cheese soup is an incredibly popular dish all over the world. It is easy to make, has a great comforting flavour and texture and is a brilliant snack at any time of the year. It can make an excellent starter for any meal or can be simply eaten as a filling snack. with a freshly

How to use a Mortar and Pestle to Mix your own Indian Spices

Indian dishes are best made with freshly ground spices. The aroma and flavors in dishes made with fresh ground spices will encourage you to grind them yourself. Fortunately, you can grind and mix your own Indian spices using a mortar and pestle. This handy kitchen tool can become your go-to gadget if you enjoy cooking

How to keep Food Cool without the use of a Fridge

It is very useful to know how to keep food cool without the use of a fridge. Nowadays it is the norm to see a refrigerator in the kitchen but many years ago a refrigerator was considered a luxury. But years ago people tended to shop locally which meant that they shopped little and often.

How to Host a Care Free Party

Having a good time at a party certainly doesn’t revolve around eating and drinking. However every party has to have these key elements, otherwise it doesn’t really matter how special the occasion is, or how wonderful of a host you are. Hosting every party needs to start with these 3 key things. To start you’ll

How to Toast Coconut Shavings

Perfect for topping frosted cakes, coconut macaroons or adding to chocolate cookies – toasted coconut flakes, both sweetened and unsweetened, always lend a unique tropical flavour brought out by the toasting process. Toasting them also changes the texture a bit, making them more substantial and crispy around the edges, instead of chewy. (Toasting is ideal

Surviving the Checkout Line

Surviving the checkout line is not for the faint hearted. There are various strategies one can employ when confronted with a line of trolleys that wend and wind their way to the back of the store. If you only have a single item, the best strategy is to politely ask if you can go ahead

How to Throw an all Appetizer Party

The formal dinner party is wonderful for entertaining the boss and his wife and it is nice to do things formally, sometimes. However, the dinner party is rather limiting and not very adaptable. Most people, today, prefer to entertain informally. Entertaining more than six or eight people to a formal dinner party is impossible, unless

How to keep Pie Crusts from Turning Soggy

However you fill or make your pie, the one thing that you must prevent from happening is a soggy pie crust. Not only will this be unappetizing to discriminating taste buds, but a soggy pie crust will not hold the filling very well, either. Here are some tips for keeping your pie crusts from becoming

Dessert Ideas using Apples Ice Cream and Tarts all in one

Dessert Ideas Drying fruits and vegetables is done as a means of preservation. Now, this is a fashionable way of introducing variety in shape, texture and flavour to salads and desserts.  Almost all fruits and vegetables can de dried into a fanciful chip using a low temperature oven or dehydrator. The chips alone can already

How to Prepare the Perfect Single Serving of Popcorn

Everybody loves popcorn. It’s down right un-American not to. Who can sit through a John Wayne “shootum up” or a Clint Eastwood “spaghetti western” without a bowl, box or barrel of that whole grain goodness? Of course some of us who are concerned about our weight, size and blood glucose have been warned not to