How to Prepare the Perfect Single Serving of Popcorn

Everybody loves popcorn. It’s down right un-American not to. Who can sit through a John Wayne “shootum up” or a Clint Eastwood “spaghetti western” without a bowl, box or barrel of that whole grain goodness?

Of course some of us who are concerned about our weight, size and blood glucose have been warned not to eat corn of any kind because of its glycemic index, which is higher than other carbohydrates. Added to that is the fact that for most of us, popcorn just doesn’t taste right unless we load it down with fatty oils and butter. Who can go to the cinema and resist the smell and taste of their delicious warm and salty snack taken right out of the popper and served with melted butter and a huge cold drink? It is indeed loaded down with oils and fats that you wouldn’t allow your pet to eat.

For the home, commercially prepared servings are usually loaded with good tasting fats and oils that threaten to kill us on the spot, or at the very least make us candidates for coronary artery disease. To make things even worse, most prepared servings of popcorn make enough for a party of four and we feel compelled to eat it all ourselves, lest it go stale. Oh what a waste that would be. So what can we do? We can’t subdivide the pre-packaged servings and we can’t find a single serving size on the super market shelf. There is a good answer to this delectable dilemma:  the single serving in a brown paper bag, and here’s how to do it.

To prepare your personal popcorn treat, you’ll need a brown paper bag, the type your mother packed your sandwich in for lunch. You’ll also need some plain old popping corn, untreated and unaccompanied by fats, oils or preservatives. You may find it in a jar or loose in a bag at your super market or corner grocery store.  Most important, you’ll need a microwave. Here is how to prepare your treat.

Put a tablespoon of kernels in the bag and role the top down a few inches. Place the bag containing the dry kernels in the microwave and set the timer for two and one half minutes. Pop the corn on high until the time is up or when the corn stops popping for one or two seconds. When the bell sounds, take the popped corn out and either pour in into a bowl or leave it in the bag to serve yourself.  At this point you have the option of adding unsaturated oil, such as canola oil to the snack. Use only a cap full of oil and mix by shaking the bag, or stirring the corn in the bowl. You may now add a modicum of salt. popcorn salt is best because it is finer than table salt. If you wish, you may use a salt substitute at this point. Mix again.

Now you are ready to enjoy a healthy, tasty treat that is just the right size for one person and not terribly detrimental to your diet. When you’ve finished, toss the bag or save it to use again another time. What could be simpler than that?

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