Surviving the Checkout Line

Surviving the checkout line is not for the faint hearted. There are various strategies one can employ when confronted with a line of trolleys that wend and wind their way to the back of the store.

If you only have a single item, the best strategy is to politely ask if you can go ahead in the line. One might need to ask several customers, but if you put on a pathetic needy expression, usually pity will be taken on you. Occasionally a customer won’t budge despite they have twenty items and you only one. In these circumstances look repeatedly at you watch and mumble under your breath “I’ll be late for work.” This rarely fails.

If your stood in a line of ‘under ten items only’ you can bet your life the women in front hasn’t checked the number of items in her trolley. One can slowly and deliberately count up her items out loud. This often embarrasses the person in front and they will give way and find a line that isn’t restricted to the number of item in the trolley. This will allow you to progresses one place nearer the till.

One can always avoid lines and go to the self check out machine. But before you race over with undying enthusiasm, check you haven’t bought anything with a security tag. If you have then the process won’t be as quick as you first imagined, because now you’ll have to wait for an assistant to come and take the tag off.

Purchased goods are also placed into bags and weighed at the self check out. Make sure you machine has bags or again you’ll be consigned to wait for an assistant to bring you bags so you may continue your purchases.

If you only have one or two items to purchase and all the tills have long lines, then you could consider going to the reception area and begging them to take your purchase. This can work because they usually have tills to sell tobacco and make refunds.

Lastly, before setting off for the supermarket pick up your MP3 player, at the very worst case scenario you can day dream as you line up and while the time away to the sounds of dulcet music until it is your time to reach the checkout till.

If you’re in a rush, by the time you get this far, you can fumble with the packing. Almost all checkout ladies will take pity, speed up the process and help you pack your goods.