Clavicle Fracture?

Only a doctor will be able to treat a clavicle or collar bone fracture. The bone first needs to be set, then the patient will wear a sling for about six weeks.


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how to treat a clavicle fracture?

1. Understand who is most prone to clavicle fractures. Clavicles or Collarbones are bones which can break easily. They can occur during birth in newborns (during their passage through…more

What is a subchondral fracture of the clavicle?

Subchondral means beneath cartilage, clavicle is a collar bone, and a fracture is a break. So this was a severely broken collar bone….more

What to do with a fractured clavicle?

Unless it has punctured the skin (which occurs in a very small amount of cases), the best thing to do – or rather, have one’s doctors do, as a fractured clavicle would require a visit…more

What is the treatment for a clavicle fractures?

Treatment of clavicle fractures most commonly involves resting the affected extremity. There are several types of slings available; one commonly used is called a”figure-of-8&…more