Dark Red Period Blood?

If the blood from your period is dark, there is no need for concern. The thickness of the discharge, color, and clots will vary during your period and from period to period. The clots can vary from bright red or be dark. The normal period will last anywhere from 2 to 7 days. Towards the end of a period, the blood will begin to turn a darker brown of even appear black. Fresh blood is bright red and older blood will be darker in color.


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Why is my Period Blood So Dark?

When your period blood is dark, it means it’s old and has been inside your uterus for a few days. It could mean other complications are arising and you should see your doctor if it …more

Why is my period blood a dark red?

Not Medical Advice: Your menstrual blood is sometime dark red because blood clotting is occurring. The clots may be bright red or dark in color….more

Why is some blood dark red?

some blood is dark red because its oxygen has been used up….more

What does it mean if you spot after your period and the blood is very dark red or black?

Spotting after your period can mean the following things: * Left over blood from your period. * Old blood. * Urinary tract infection. * Pregnancy related. * Vaginal infection. * Irregular…more