Do hemorrhoids go away

Hemorrhoids refer to the vascular formations that are both found lying inside the anal canal and at the very opening of the anus. They can swell and grow in size once they are infected. Internal hemorrhoids usually cause internal anal bleeding, whereas external hemorrhoids would either cause minimal discomfort and symptoms or cause excruciating swelling and pain around the immediate area of the anus once they are thrombosed or clotted with blood. They can affect anyone from basically any age group, sex, and social status; no one is safe from contracting them. It causes so much embarrassment for its sufferers that many of them choose not to share on their condition to anyone or seek the help of a doctor. The causes of hemorrhoids remain unknown, but the usual medical response to the disease would often come in the form of taking in oral liquids, ample rest, taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) to help ease the pain, and eating more foods and supplements that are rich in fiber. Many surgical procedures are available to try to resolve different types of hemorrhoids; however, they only come in once all other medical options fail. Like most diseases, they can be avoided by doing a number of things such as not straining too much while defecating, eating a high-fiber diet to help prevent diarrhea and constipation attacks, doing exercises, and taking in plenty of water and a fiber-based nutritional supplements.

However, more often than not, medical remedies tend to be expensive, time-consuming, impractical, and ineffective. A patient who has to suffer the endless pain that is associated with hemorrhoids is left wondering, do hemorrhoids go away? The emphatic answer is, “YES!”

Hemorrhoids or “piles,” once they begin, would tend to run their excruciatingly painful course. More often than not, the medical remedies and procedures that were listed earlier can minimize or tone down the agonizing symptoms but, in truth, they cannot resolve the main cause behind the problem. And so victims are again left with the question, Do hemorrhoids go away?

Again, the answer is, “YES!”

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