Does Slimquick work

I have been using Slimquick cleanse for 3 days now. I have had no bad side effects, and found it to start working the first day. I have read many people complaining about having to go to the bathroom alot, but that’s exactly what a Cleanse is supposed to do, get rid of all the waste and toxins that have accumulated over years of eating junk. An average person has anywhere from 5-20 pounds of gunk logged in your intestines. I have noticed a flatter tummy and feel alot of energy. I am starting the diet pills with green tea soon and looking forward to keeping up with my weight loss of 20 pounds. Good luck to all and I will keep you posted as to my progress.

Does Slimquick work? I’m on day 3 of the cleanse and unfortunately I’m a little disappointed. I am chronically bloated and constipated and miserable! but I was hopeful that this would do the trick, given all the positive feedback. In terms of appetite suppression and energy boost, I love it! But other than a little cramping and more gas my bathroom needs haven’t changed at all – and the cleansing was what I was really after in buying this product. I read above that some other people experienced the same thing I am – did it kick in eventually? Anyone with advice I would greatly appreciate it! I’m debating whether I should stick it out with the rest of the bottle or just give up and try something else.

So far im half way through the cleansing pills and i have not notice a difference, i have not had to go to the bathroom more the normal and i have not seen any change in weight loss, as of now im a little disappointed.

I started slimquick cleanse on Thursday. Today is Monday, and to date i have only used the bathroom 3 times. I’ve been eating right and drinking lots of water, but have not started to use the bathroom like so many others have posted. One good thing Ive noticed is a increase in energy. Other than that i have not noticed a change, i want to go to the bathroom. I originally started taking it to clean out my system, therefore making it easier for me to use the restroom on a regular basis.

I usually have a really sluggish digestive system — I saw the commercial for the SlimQuick cleanse, and started last Thursday. I never noticed how bloated I usually feel, but now that I’ve started the cleanse, I feel really good. Of course, I have used the bathroom more, but for me this is a very good thing. I am thrilled with the flatter tummy, but I’m realistic — I know it’s water weight and that extra waste that had been building up. I think the way this works is that it is MOTIVATION to continue eating right and exercising, NOT A WEIGHT-LOSS PROGRAM by itself. Please, if you feel sick or experience anything way out of the ordinary, follow instructions and just stop! I found that this is working really nicely, I feel really good, and I will do it again in a month or two!