Dry Cough Remedies that Work

Nothing can stop a dry cough; you may feel the urge to cough and clear your throat which can disrupt work, class and even disrupt peaceful sleep. A dry and hacking cough can be due to allergies, a viral infection and asthma. If you suffer from the cough more often, maybe it’s time to use dry cough remedies that actually work.

Reevaluating your living space is the initial way to get rid of dry cough. Change linens more often and reduce dust, pollen and other microorganisms that may be found inside the home. Vacuum all possible surfaces where dirt and dust can hide in, do not forget to clean places where dust usually accumulate like in bookshelves, toys, knick knacks and on walls. Use a particle filter on your air conditioning unit to trap dust, pollen, bacteria and viruses that are the usual source of allergies and cough.

Take time to find molds and mildew that are the usually the source of dry unproductive cough and allergies; reduce moisture where molds tend to live and thrive and call a professional to deal with molds. There are natural treatments for molds and mildew infestation but if you are drastically allergic to molds or if you have asthma, let expert contractors deal with it.

It is very irritating to live in a house with a dry environment, dryness and humidity often triggers allergies and even dry hacking cough. Invest in a good humidifier to fill the air with rich moisture. But when you feel a persistent need to cough outdoors, sip on water or chew on peppermint candy to instantly reduce cough. You may also chew on honey candies or fresh ginger to effectively end dry coughing episodes.

Prevent dry cough from becoming worse by using warm water to reduce cough. You may stand in the shower for 10 minutes or more just to savor warm water fumes. A warm bath soak can also reduce dry cough while making you relaxed in the process. Soak in a warm bath for more than 20 minutes inhaling warm fumes through your nostrils.

Dry cough remedies are also for kids. It could be very embarrassing to cough and hack in school as well as disrupt sleep at night. Children need sleep to recuperate after a long day and persistent dry cough can make him sleepless, weak and lethargic in the morning. You can try giving him warm milk with honey to reduce coughing at night and to help him sleep. You may also try to give him a warm bath or shower that he will truly enjoy. Let him bring candies or honey drops/lozenges to school to chew on when he feels the urge to cough.

Eating fruits especially citrus have significant amounts of vitamin C, can help fight infections, increase immune system resistance and reduce coughing eventually. Try a healthy serving of citrus fruits like lemon, oranges, grapefruits, melons and berries. Eat them as you wish or blend them to make a healthy and delicious smoothie. Try different smoothie flavors every day even when days you don’t have cough.