Show your kids their artwork matter with these fun display tips

Hanging artwork on the stainless steel refrigerator probably isn’t going to happen. It seems that it is time to find new places and new ways to display the magnificent pieces of artwork that children create. There are many choices.

Art under glass

Put a piece of glass on a dresser top or coffee table. Artwork can be placed under the glass. It is protected. It can be changed regularly. It tends to be a focal point and conversation piece when entertaining guests. It doesn’t preserve it for life, but it is a great display.

Make a postage stamp

The United States Postal Department has a fun, easy way to personalize stamps. The artwork can be scanned into the computer and sent to the Postal Department where they will turn them into stamps. Imagine the surprise of getting a letter from Grandma and it has your drawing on the stamp. It is fun and fairly inexpensive.

Make placemats

There are professional companies that can take a scan of artwork and provide a quality place-mat. Prices begin around $10.00. The family can also make the place-mat themselves by mounting the artwork on card stock and then laminating it for protection. It’s useful and practical.

Use a wall board

The wall board can be put up in a child’s room. Eye-hook screws can be drilled into the board. String is strung like a clothes line through the eye hooks. Artwork can be attached with simple clothes pin, with the child in charge of the entire display.

Three-ring binder

Many pieces of art can be put in plastic display sheets and kept in three ring binders. Parents and children are free to look through the books often and add more art.

Gifts tags

Many selections of artwork can be cut and trimmed into gift tags. A hole punch and some ribbon give children the opportunity to learn about recycling and make something useful. Artwork can be used for more than one purpose.

Playing cards

Companies take artwork and pictures and make playing cards. There are a little expensive, but also a very fun and personal way to show a child’s artwork.

Personal stationery

If the child is going to use the stationery it can be be clipped and glued to lined paper appropriate for their age. This way relatives and friends can get a thank you note or letter in a classy new way.

Frame it

Go to a discount store and purchase some inexpensive frames. Frame the art and hang it on the wall with the other treasures.

Really, how the art is displayed is not as important as the fact that it is displayed. Children should be encouraged to give art a try.