Consistency is Key

They say that consistency is key and it really is. I have lost 60 pounds since having my second son a year ago but I haven’t been consistent in my efforts until now. I didn’t really start being serious about losing weight until my baby was about three months old and even then my efforts were inconsistent. I was slow to eat healthy and get active after both of my babies. I have come to the conclusion that I was depressed – more severely after my first son. I used breastfeeding as an excuse after my second son. I should have been eating healthier because I was breastfeeding but while I was eating okay I was succumbing to my sweet cravings and blaming it on breastfeeding. It has been almost a month since I stopped breastfeeding and I realize I have no one to blame but ME. I alone pick the foods I consume. I can decide not to overindulge every day even when going out. I started packing snacks for us when we go on outings and it really helps satiate the desire to stop and grab something quick.

Things that I am doing to stay consistent:

Journaling everything I consume daily
Journaling all of my fitness activities and goals for the day
Challenging myself by abstaining from all fast food
Getting back into the Word so I can get my spiritual food – praying daily and reading scripture
Trying to spend more quality time with my amazing husband

I have set new goals. The number on the scale isn’t the important part to me but my goal is to become more tone and fit. I want to do full push-ups instead of assisted, run my first 5K race, eat more plant-based foods, and ultimately I want to become a personal trainer for other moms like me.

What are your goals? When you set goals for yourself how do you measure your success? When you accomplish your goals how do you celebrate?