Exercise Gives You Energy

Exercise really does give you energy.  Sometimes when I wake up I just don’t feel like moving quickly but that is why my morning walks help get me going daily.  However, the rainy day blues really change things around here.  Yesterday I had so many things to do but I was stuck in front of my laptop because I just could not get motivated.  Finally, after my oldest went down for his nap I got up and did my burpees, planks, and intervals.  After that I was truly energized.  I went on to clean up the house, do some laundry, cook dinner, and go to the gym for my scheduled run.  I felt like I had actually accomplished something.  Proper nutrition and plenty of sleep are also important factors to your energy levels.

Instead of thinking that exercise is going to wear you out for the rest of the day pay attention to the energy you have after you work out.  This principle goes for waiting until New Years to make your resolutions to change.  If you have something you want to change – don’t wait another minute.  Start now!  You will be ahead of the game and will be able to get through the holidays with ease.

Another thing I want to mention is the importance of journaling your food and exercise.  I have really learned a lot about my habits and challenges during the day after reviewing a week of my journal entries.  I highly recommend it!